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  • Marble and Air Pollution

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  • Provenance of Lebrooy Collection

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    M I C H E L A N G E L O
  • Michelangelo's Life Time Line

  • Michelangelo's Works Time Line

  • Michelangelo's lOST Works Time Line

  • Will there ever be another Michelangelo?

  • Michelangelo suffered from osteoarthritis in his hands

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  • Sistine Chapel ... Did Michelangelo work for Disneyland?

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  • Go to Italy to see the Models at Michelangelo's House in Florence, Italy

  • Michelangelo's 2nd sculpture at his house

  • Unfinished Statues Revel how Michelangelo worked

  • How Michelangelo created his sculptures

  • How Michelangelo created his paintings

  • New Discoveries...Did Michelangelo make these?

  • Laszlo Toth, smashed the Pieta's left hand in 1972

  • The Michelangelo Code

  • Sistine Chapel's Missing Fingers

  • Sistine Chapel Ceiling not Flat

  • Michelangelo Drawings showing how he worked

  • Was Michelangelo a cheapskate?

  • Michelangelo's first painting

  • Michelangelo from behind .... Masterworks in a new perspective

    Leonardo da Vinci
  • What did Leonardo's Last Supper actually looked like?

  • Is the Mona lisa a 3D painting?/a>

  • Louvre Mona Lisa restored using a image editorin 3 minutes!

  • Leonardo, invented the diving bell, helicopter, and tank. But, did he? (See Episode 2 of Mystery Files)

  • What did Leonardo look like?

  • What would the Louvre Mona lisa would look like if it were restored?

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