Model Books

  • c.1905 Carl Frey book contains over 300 drawings of Michelangelo's work

  • Henry Thode, 1913 A complete Catalogue of Michelangelo 500 drawings and 60 models contained no drawings. Students prefered to use Carl Frey's book as a reference. Thodes book was much quoted but never much respected

  • Michelangelo Models,Paul James LeBrooy, Creelman & Drummond Publishers Ltd, Vancouver Canada, 1972

  • A Survey of Michelangelo's Models in Wax and Clay, Ludwig Goldschheider, Phaidon, London, England, 1962

  • "Michelangelo, Die errakotten Aus Der Sammlung Haehnel" by art critic Julius Meier-Graefe. 40 photographs of the Haechel Collection is published in this rare German book